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International Dance Course/ IDS

Do You want to take part of a new and vibrant education on the cutting edge of classical ballet and contemporary dance? Welcome to Stockholm and the Royal Swedish Ballet School - an institution with a 250-year history of the performing arts.

Our one-year full time International Dance Course/ vocational training, as described below, is open to international dance students age 17-19 who wish to do a year abroad. The applicant must turn 17 in the year covered by the application and cannot be older than 19 when the school year starts. All applicants must be able to communicate in english.

The Royal Swedish Ballet School's national vocational education in Junior School (year 4-9) and Upper Secondary School (year I-III) is education open to students fluent in the swedish language.

International Dance Course/ IDS

We welcome Pre-professional International Dance Students, age 17-19, to apply for our one-year full time course in dance within the Upper Secondary Schools framework (year II and III). To be able to attend the International Dance Course at The Royal Swedish Ballet School the student must have reached the appropriate dance technique and artistic development that the school requires. International students are also required to have knowledge of spoken English to benefit from the course.    

We are proud to offer You

- An education where the artistic and physical training go hand in hand to reach the professional standard and demands of today's dance scene.
- Professional and experienced staff
- Excellent facilities such as 11 studios, our own fully equipped theatre, gym, physiotherapy, library and a school restaurant.
- Close collaboration with The Royal Swedish Ballet, Cullberg and major swedish contemporary companies.

Terms of Admittance, International Dance Course

We welcome auditions for the school year 2022-2023 from November 2021 to February 1st 2022. Audition outcome is usually distributed from mid February. Audition for the school year 2021-2022 is closed.

We accept international students, within EU, by Youtube/Vimeo link auditions or DVD. The applicant must turn 17 in the year covered by the application and all applicants must be able to communicate in english.(We rarely do live auditions.) Be sure to make the Youtube/Vimeo link open for several viewings.

Send your filmed material together with a completed Registration Form to ann-louise.moberg@edu.stockholm.se

  • For applications to the ballet course

The audition must contain a short ballet class, approximately 15 minutes. It must include a 5 minute barre, one side only, pliés, tendus and jetés, an adage and grand battements. Centre practice tendus and jetés with pirouettés en dedans and en dehors right and left both sides, adage, petit allegro with batterie, a grand allegro, a pointe work enchaînement and a classical variation. It must also include a modern solo max 2 minutes.

  • For applications to the contemporary course

The audition, approximately 15 minutes, must contain contemporary center practice work and diagonals, and also pliés, tendus and jetés at the barre, one side only. It must also include a modern solo max 2 minutes.

  • Please note that variations/ solos must be filmed in a dance studio and are not to be extracts from a performance.
  • Applications are accepted from November and the deadline is February 1st, the year covered by the application.
  • A completed Registration Form must be attached with the audition


Subjects studied within the International Dance Course

The Ballet course
Classical Ballet 
Ballet Coaching 
Pas de deux, Ballet Repertoire, Contemporary dance, Improvisation/ composition
All students gain performance experience throughout the course of study

The Contemporary course   
Contemporary dance 
Classical ballet 
Jazz dance, Improvisation/ composition, Partnering, Contemporary Repertoire
All students gain performance experience throughout the course of study

The course is set but would in special circumstances be adjusted by the artistic directors.

Regarding theoretical studies the school offers:
Basic studies in the Swedish language
Basic studies in the English language (for students who have not studied English)

The student must work with dedication and participate fully in the classes scheduled. The school places the student in classes according to their talent and ability. The school has the right to dismiss a student if the course plan is not followed.


International students are offered to stay at The Royal Swedish Ballet School´s dormitory. The dormitory is located 20 minutes from school with subway. Included in the fee is a shared room with bathroom, staff around-the-clock, breakfast and dinner on schooldays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends, laundry facilities and premises such as common living rooms and kitchen. Free wireless internet is available throughout the dormitory and school. You can also arrange your own accomodation.

Duration & Outline

The International Dance Course is a one-year full time course. The school year starts in August and finishes in June.  All students have a mid term holiday in October, Christmas Holidays from the end of December until first week of January, a week off in February and days off at Easter.
All International students spend the Christmas Holiday at home. 


Please do not hesitate to contact Artistic Director Cecilia Selander Moss for further information


All students are included in the regulations of the Swedish school law.